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Chromebook Information


Modified on : Wed. 14 Oct, 2015 at 10:09 AM

*Note – The fees below are subject to change due to availability and type of damage. Also, repairs must be done through the I.T Department at this time.

Prices/Items Revised 6/16/15

*All chromebook parts below are genuine Dell parts.

*If you are not sure which fine will be charged, please scroll down for some fines and damage examples:

HUSD Logo Engraving : $5.50 – Engraving is needed if you have to replace the LCD hinged assembly which is usually needed if your chromebook has shattered glass.
Palmrest/keyboard: $35.00 – this includes the keyboard, trackpad, and shell casing area around all the inputs (USB, HDMI, Charging port).
LCD hinged assembly: $95.00 – this includes new glass, top cover/shell, LCD frame, LCD connection, screen hinges, bottom bezel covers,
Speakers: $5.50
DC power adapter port: $2.75
WiFi card: $13.50
Battery: $55.00
CPU Fan: $5.50
Dell OEM Power charger $60

Total replacement of Unit (Includes Dell OEM Power charger) :$215 August 2015 – July 2016

If the entire chromebook needs to be replaced due to the fact that damage was done to the chromebook that is not covered by the warranty or it is not considered a factory defect.


Modified on: Thu, 27 Aug, 2015 at 3:24 PM

Items covered by Dell warranty – Chromebook

  • Units that will not charge or will not hold a charge
  • Units that will not turn on
  • Units that turn on but have no display
  • Vertical/Horizontal lines on LCD display (does not include black spots or blotches)
  • Dim/faded LCD display
  • Non-responsive or malfunctioning keyboard or trackpad
  • Adhesive separation of cover and LCD panel
  • Units that spark or smokes
  • DC Power adapters (charger) that do not charge the unit
  • Input ports (i.e. HDMI, USB, charging port) that do not function

*Note – All of the above is subject to Dell Repair Depot evaluation. If damage is found to be customer induced, that damage will be charged to the student.

Items NOT covered by Dell warranty – Chromebook

  • Liquid damage of any kind
  • Any cosmetic damage to the unit (chips, cracks, dents, scratches, etc.)
  • Damaged palmrest/keyboard (this includes the shell casing around all input ports USB, Charging port, HDMI, Headphone, and SD card slot). See Pics
  • Any missing or broken keyboard keys
  • LCD damage (usually black spots/blotches found on the actual LCD panel). See pics
  • LCD hinged assembly damage (including screen glass damage, damage to hinges, bottom bezel covers, and top LCD shell/cover) See pics
  • Input Port damages (USB, Charging port, HDMI, Headphone, SD card slot) – caused by sticking foreign object(s) into these areas.

Popular Fines:

Headphone port damageFine Amount $Total Replacement of Unit The headphone port is part of the motherboard so it can not be replaced individually.

LCD damage & LCD Hinged Assembly damageThe LCD damage can be seen with black blotches on the screen when the Chromebook is turned on. The LCD hinged assembly includes shattered glass, internal LCD panel, bezel covers that hide the screen hinges, and the top shell/cover of the Chromebook.


Palmrest/Keyboard damage – this includes missing keys, non-fixable keys, trackpad damage, and also includes the shell portion that surrounds all the input ports.

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